About Greenhouse

Greenhouse was established in 2008 by Ronen Arbel and Shirly Teomim-Shlank, with senior partner Aldo Liaks joining two years later. Greenhouse’s goal is to provide companies and organizations of all sizes with a firm technological foundation that delivers business insight, preserves organizational knowledge and motivates management to make intelligent decisions.

In today’s competitive business environment, organizations look for the best ways to generate profit. Ambitious firms cannot afford to settle for IT infrastructure that solely creates and maintains “data”. They need a business intelligence system that turns “information” into “knowledge”, which, in turn, translates into smart decisions.

Greenhouse specializes in designing and implementing tailor-made BI solutions. Among our clients are global organizations as well as SMB and small niche companies. Our partners include leading global software companies such as Magic and Qlik. But before we delve into our BI expertise, a few words about the values that make us who we are:

Greenhouse’s DNA is based on family-like teamwork, cooperation and camaraderie. We cultivate our staff and rely on a “team force” work ethic. Our staff fulfill their professional potential, and their satisfaction is of great value to our clients.

Complementing “team force” is the “extra mile” value. We walk that extra mile for each and every one of our clients. The way we do that is through advanced Business Intelligence tools and the following proven parameters:

  • Turning data into knowledge: we aspire for our clients to benefit from more than IT reports. We wish to supply them with quick access to business insight, with zero operational dependency on ERP systems.
  • Unified data and knowledge preservation: we base our work on a proven model that cooperates in full with existing IT strategy, while gathering and unifying data from various systems and business units.
  • Speed: based on our experience with business processes and Best Practices, we supply quick solutions and commit to short-term delivery.
  • Methodology: As advanced Qlikview BI solutions suppliers, we have built a suit of methodologies that preserves the product’s inherent flexibility, while also infusing fixed parameters as a basis for business insight and adherence to regulatory requirements.
  • Working in stages: as a testament to the faith we have in our tools and methodology, and in order to reduce expenditure and risk, a quick and controlled pilot can be executed, as basis for deeper implementation.
  • Maximum mobility: our BI solutions can be implemented “out of the box” on tablets and mobile platforms.
  • Partnership with management: we function as the “right hand man” for CEOs, IT managers and management teams, on a daily basis.
  • IT strategy integration: We fit in perfectly with our clients’ existing IT units, and support the IT evolution process in accordance with market needs and challenges.

Our motto is Enlighten Business with Intelligence. We’ll be happy to light the way for your organization, as well.


To schedule a meeting with the Greenhouse team,
please contact us at  03-9449911,  or email us at info@greenhouse.co.il