About the Company

Adama (formerly known as Makhteshim Agan) manufactures and distributes crop protection solutions that help farmers across the globe increase their crop production. Adama’s sales turnover was 2.83 billion dollars in 2012, and it is rated as the largest generic company in the world and 7th in the global agrochemical industry. The company is renowned for its knowledge and experience, as well as its high technological and engineering capabilities, product registration expertise, adherence to strict environmental standards, uncompromising quality assurance and global marketing and distribution lines. As of 2011, the company is owned by Chinese corporation ChemChina (60%) and Koor Industries (40%).

Adama sells its products in 120 countries. The company’s central production and formulation facilities are situated in Israel and Brazil, while additional production facilities are dispersed throughout the world.

The Challenge

To establish a BI system that acts as an independent information layer above the organization’s ERP systems, while creating a unified organizational language.

The Solution

A QlikView-based system was established:

1. The system unifies data from ERP systems, while creating unified language and business processes.

2. The unified data is utilized as a basis for analysis and inquiry of marketing, profitability, supply chain, quality of service, adherence to work plans and more.

3. The information stored within the system supplies other organizational systems, in concurrence with a unified organizational logic.

The system serves hundreds of users throughout the world, at all levels, who adjust and examine their performance in regards to the relevant work plans.

 To Sum Up

Adama is one of the largest global companies within its field of expertise, and as such requires a tool that can manage its work procedures and business information. The BI solution, which is implemented in cooperation with the company’s managers and employees, contributes to various measurement processes, helps meet objectives and sustains transparency.

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