About the Company Adama (formerly known as Makhteshim Agan) manufactures and distributes crop protection solutions that help farmers across the globe increase their crop production. Adama’s sales turnover was 2.83 billion dollars in 2012, and it is rated as the largest generic company in the world and 7th in the global agrochemical industry. The company […]


About the Company Based on 35 years of technological innovation, SCR’s revolutionary solutions provide smart dairy farms with for sustainable management, which includes advanced systems for cattle monitoring and cutting-edge milking solutions. SCR provides farmers with vital analysis tools and data that improve cow production, thereby maximizing overall herd efficiency – as a basis for […]

Aromor Flavors & Fragrances

About the Company Aromor Flavors & Fragrances is a leading manufacturer of flavor and fragrance materials for the global flavor and fragrance industry. The company manufactures chemicals for flavor and fragrance mixtures and extracts relevant to the food, cosmetics and perfume industries. The company was founded in 1982 and is owned by IFF. Aromor’s plant […]


About the Company Nova Measuring Instruments Ltd. manufactures and provides optic measurement systems for the semiconductor industry. The company’s products are based on the most cutting-edge optic technology in today’s market. Nova’s optic measurement systems perform control on advanced microchips, which are manufactured on silicon wafers at the microchip plant. The chips measured by Nova’s […]