Why is QikView preferable over other BI tools?

Why QlikView? Because of performance, flexibility, user accessibility and much more. We’ll be happy to tell you more about QlikView’s advantages over the phone or in person. If you like, you can also read the article titled QlikView – Attributes & Global Market Positioning, posted on our website.

As a manager, how can QlikView help me?

Excellent question. If Business Intelligence is designed to help managers, then QlikView takes things up a notch. We’ll be happy to explain QlikView’s advantages over the phone or in a meeting. If you prefer, you can also read our CEO Toolbox article, posted on our website, or our QlikView Solutions pages.

What to I have to do to become a QlikView developer

The establishment and application of a QlikView based solution requires knowledge that incorporates diverse business analysis capabilities, development above databases (such as SQL) and creating screens that facilitate business value. If you are interested in learning more, please send us your CV, and we’ll be happy to advise and examine the possibility of adding you to […]

I have a problem with my current BI system. How do I switch to a QlikView system?

In most cases, Switching to a QlikView system takes less effort than to construct your current system! QlikView’s impressive capabilities allow establishment and modification in concurrence with changing organizational needs during specific time periods. Call us today at 054-5312910 or email us at aldo@greehouse.co.il, and we’ll be happy to to provide an estimate without any commitment […]