CEO, have you checked your toolbox lately?

The CEO Toolbox

The modern-day CEO strives to exercise full control over organizational data. Yet operating ERP systems and other organizational tools is not practical, due to complexity and time limitations. Leaning on aides to gather data doesn’t get the job done either, because of human error, complicated data unification processes and, as a result of today’s fast-paced information age – out-of-date and irrelevant information.

At Greenhouse, we have accumulated many years of experience working together with CEOs from a wide range of organizations. Based on this experience, we have developed a set of tools that assist CEOs in meeting their objectives and staying in full control. We define these tools as the BI Toolbox for the Top Level Manager.

As a modern leader, you most likely deal with “simple” questions like: What is our situation in relation to our work plan and versus past years? How much have we sold, and how much have we purchased up to today? What will be the company’s expected status at the end of the quarter and year? Which parameters can I still influence in order to improve the expected result before we reach the end of the term, and how? Questions such as the above come naturally to those who require fast, high-quality information as a basis for effective decision making.

BI tools do not replace instinct and past experience, but they do indeed support them in a very effective way. At the top of our “BI Toolbox” are our ultra-modern QlikView based applications, which provide optimal answers and enlighten the places that can be influenced before it is too late (before the quarter ends, for example).

These BI tools are like traffic lights situated within critical organizational junctures. They help identify the problems that are worth the effort to fix, while creating a platform for easier decision making. To demonstrate, we assembled a few important tools from our toolbox, which were developed to fit the needs of some of the CEOs we work with. This toolbox can be adapted to fit your needs, as well. For example:

Examples of trend analysis tools:

Top 5, Low 5: A sequential presentation of both first and last place holders. For example: the organization’s leading salespersons, as well as those who do not meet their objectives. Another example: the most and least profitable markets. The system can also analyze data from various sources and present them with utmost clarity, as a basis for generating objectives for business units, creating parameters for top employee bonuses, and more.

Pareto Analysis: These tools allow the CEO to focus on critical elements that demand attention. For example: current sales are great in relation to the current work plan and sales of years past, yet the system alerts that within a certain area, based on current orders, sales objectives are not expected to be met until the term’s end. This tool helps surface problems and allows top management to influence and improve results.

Examples of incentive and command & control tools:

Organizational Traffic Light: A virtual traffic light that projects an orange or red light when something requires the CEO’s attention. This influential tool can be projected on a screen in the office or viewed from within a designated application.

Plasma Display: Situated in the organization’s hallway, the Plasma screen presents various up-to-date business unit parameters and can be an effective visual tool for motivation enhancement. The screen processes data in continuous form and projects knowledge via a series of messages and alerts that call to action and encourage competitiveness on all organization levels.

Dashboard: A powerful tool that enables the CEO to define a number of command & control parameters, based on his or her managerial vision. These parameters are established continuously and alert the CEO in case of deviations or irregularities that call for immediate attention.

Detail Control: A toolset that introduces the CEO to his or her employees, based on accurate personal information. For example: the CEO will able to identify and personally contact an employee in charge of not meeting a specific objective (including phone number and email address), as well as employees who meet objectives and organizational KPI’s.

Drill Down: A tool that provides all major elements of each and every data kernel within the organization. When deployed correctly, this tool enables CEOs to monitor business unit management parameters, including finance, acquisition, sales and more, thereby securing compliance to the strategy, goals and objectives determined by the head office.

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