About the Company

Nova Measuring Instruments Ltd. manufactures and provides optic measurement systems for the semiconductor industry. The company’s products are based on the most cutting-edge optic technology in today’s market.

Nova’s optic measurement systems perform control on advanced microchips, which are manufactured on silicon wafers at the microchip plant. The chips measured by Nova’s measurement systems are integrated within advanced electronic devices such as Smartphones, Tablets and UltraBooks.

 The Challenge

Establishing BI and Business Discovery systems that support Nova’s unique work procedures, which define a company with advanced technologies and widespread global activity. The main challenge is handling business processes and complex calculations, both technically and from a business logic perspective.

 The Solution

A QlikView-based system was established, which:

1. Implements complex revenue prediction calculations with advanced BI tools, based on the rules of revenue recognition.

2. Manages current inventory and implements inventory predictions on a quarterly and annual basis, including inventory rounds predictions and a myriad of new analysis such as future inventory rounds, client supply time calculations based on various cross-sections, open orders, need for future inventory and an advanced ability to analyze and receive alerts regarding irregularities.

3. Manages the clean rooms production floors online, including a visual presentation of production floor machinery and cross-sectioning based on parameters such as production time, faults, history, problems and deficits.

 To Sum Up

Greenhouse’s QlikView-based BI system includes a wide array of solutions that serve as a foundation for creating organizational knowledge that supports managerial decisions. This is a complicated procedure composed of a collection of regulations and business procedures. The data analysis procedure, which once took days to collect, verify and process, has become completely automatic and presents data updated by the hour.

Yaniv Luria, Nova Measuring Instruments IT Manager: “Due to the system’s application, company management is free to analyze data and produce knowledge, rather than becoming involved in report production. The BI solution creates cross-section knowledge that was once impossible to obtain. The work process has created a unified organizational language and has improved organizational procedures.”

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