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Qlik Geo Analytics

Qlik Geo Analytics

Data content is very diverse, and can fit into any number of categories. One of the most central data categories is geographic data & information – also known as Geodata. Geographic data is based on spatial location and is identified via maps and mapping technologies. This data is essential for many organizations, from government agencies to entities that focus on transportation, infrastructure, architecture, logistics and more. In addition, organizations from all industries rely on geographic data to make informed marketing, sales and logistic decisions.

Meet Qlik Geo Analytics

Qlik Geo Analytics is an engine integrated into the Qlik Sense system, which allows organizations to conduct advanced geographic analysis on multi-layered maps.

Organizations use Qlik Geo Analytics to calculate distances between several geographic locations, based on movement parameters such as walking and driving. Users can also analyze a cluster of locations, and receive precise information pertaining to each specific location. Furthermore, the location cluster can help organizations create multi-layered maps.


Qlik and Greenhouse – A Winning Combination

The key to successful BI implementation is the personnel involved. Greenhouse’s professional team has vast experience in providing IT and BI solutions – including geographic data – that blend naturally within organizational IT units. The team relies on a professional organizational culture and a commitment to service based on a thorough understanding of business needs and objectives.

Our partnership with Qlik Israel allows us to provide our clients with IT and BI solutions that have true added value. Qlik Sense’s virtually endless flexibility, coupled with Greenhouse’s unique implementation methodologies, form an optimal foundation for cross-market, multi-scenario BI solutions.


Want access to advanced geographic data? We’ll be happy to customize a solution that suits your needs.

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