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The saying “Knowledge is Power” may be overused, but that’s because it is very accurate. The world’s most successful organizations invest in learning, accumulate vast amounts of data and enable their employees to share information at any given time. As a result, automated and pre-timed reporting has become an inseparable part of the BI system toolkit. 

Meet Qlik NPrinting

Qlik NPrinting is an integrated solution in the Qlik system, which allows users to send reports and documents that contain valuable organizational data. These reports can be generated in a wide range of formats, including:

  • Excel reports
  • Word reports
  • PDF reports
  • PowerPoint reports
  • HTML Pixel Perfect reports

When you use Qlik NPrinting, you can send a variety of reports to position holders in and outside of your organization, based on your fixed or dynamic business needs. What kind of reports can you generate? Here a several examples:

  • Periodical management reports
  • Operational reports
  • Reports for clients
  • Reports for vendors

What else should you know?

  • Did you send a report? Your recipients will receive an alert via a push notification.
  • You have full control of when and how you send the reports. You can set exact dates and times, or send each recipient different reports during different times.
  • The reports are available for users via the Qlik Sense Hub and also on the system’s Newsstand.

Qlik and Greenhouse – A Winning Combination

The key to successful BI implementation is the personnel involved. Greenhouse’s professional team has vast experience in providing IT and BI solutions – including reporting platforms – that blend naturally within organizational IT units. The team relies on a professional organizational culture and a commitment to service based on a thorough understanding of business needs and objectives.

Our partnership with Qlik Israel allows us to provide our clients with IT and BI solutions that have true added value. Qlik Sense’s virtually endless flexibility, coupled with Greenhouse’s unique implementation methodologies, form an optimal foundation for cross-market, multi-scenario BI solutions.

Want to improve your knowledge sharing capabilities? We’ll be happy to customize a solution that fits your needs.

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