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Developing a system, app or technological product? In today’s market, every advantage counts. We invite you to integrate Qlik’s advanced analytical engine into your unique platform. By integrating Qlik, you will be providing your users with optimal access to data collected by your system, while also improving your process monitoring and insight extraction capabilities.

Meet Qlik OEM

Qlik’s business analytics engine can be integrated into data-driven OEM systems. The concept is simple: with Qlik, your users enjoy the best of both worlds. By using your system, your users benefit from the specific service they asked for – while also enjoying access to real-time essential data analysis. And if you think that only your clients can benefit from Qlik OEM, think again: Qlik’s engine is intended for employees, vendors and just about anyone who uses the system at any given moment.

The Advantages of Qlik OEM

  • Ongoing user experience improvement, based on specific user needs
  • Reputation enhancement of your product in the market
  • Higher user satisfaction rates
  • Simple integration and implementation
  • A collaboration with Qlik – a proven and renowned technology
  • A significant competitive advantage over products and systems from similar business environments


Qlik and Greenhouse – A Winning Combination

The key to successful BI implementation is the personnel involved. Greenhouse’s professional team has vast experience in providing IT and BI solutions – including system and software integration – that blend naturally within organizational IT units. The team relies on a professional organizational culture and a commitment to service based on a thorough understanding of business needs and objectives.

Our partnership with Qlik Israel allows us to provide our clients with IT and BI solutions that have true added value. Qlik Sense’s virtually endless flexibility, coupled with Greenhouse’s unique implementation methodologies, form an optimal foundation for cross-market, multi-scenario BI solutions.

Want to empower your product with advanced data analytics? We’ll be happy to integrate Qlik OEM into your platform.

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