QlikView – Attributes and Global Market Positioning

QlikView – Attributes and Global Market Positioning

QlikView is indeed a BI tool, but offers a vastly different solution. For example:

1. QlikView’s performance is significantly better than all other tools.

2. QlikView is ideal for those seeking immediate answers.

3. New users can start using the system without prior instruction.

4. QlikView supports, connects and adjusts to different sources with ease, and adapts to all existing systems.

5. While other systems may experience difficulties implementing complicated logic, QlikView develops it within minutes.

6. QlikView’s availability is better than all other BI systems, due to its support of all possible tools, from Windows and Mac PC’s to Tablets and Smartphones of all kinds – without any unique adjustments.

7. Speaking of availability, QlikView allows users to perform offline analysis. For example, users can duplicate the system onto their laptops and work during flights.

8. QlikView can also analyze data intended for presentations in impressive fashion. The system has the ability to present data in a multitude of formats – graphics, conservative reports and more. The system can be utilized to implement complex logic that includes algorithms, projections and statistics.

9. QlikView provides a direct connection to Excel, thus preserving existing knowledge and creating a new platform for continued data analysis.

The QlikView user experience is based on inquiry and stimulus. Its mechanism supplies immediate answers, while its intuitive and interactive interface forms the basis for a unique user experience that includes data relationships established at the click of a mouse. The ability to interact with data composed from a wide variety of systems – and receive new insights – is no less than amazing.

QlikView sets itself apart from other solutions by simultaneously catering to large and small businesses. Its cost is convenient in comparison to the competition, thus allowing many SMB’s to implement the system within their organizations. Yet QlikView’s architecture allows for an endless record growth and can manage billions of listings – an attribute relevant to large organizations (who can still benefit from low costs).

To sum up, QlikView is a different breed of animal within the global BI market. Its abundance of characteristics and user-oriented platform help create an out-of-the-ordinary tool that provides the best of all worlds.

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