How can customer satisfaction be increased through enhanced service levels? How can precise, on-time service help preserve existing customers? How can call centers, Help Desk centers and technical service be significantly improved? Implement a BI system and find out.

Quality customer service doesn’t just happen – it is generated, maintained and constantly improved through the efforts of central management. How is this accomplished? By controlling customer service KPI’s, segmentations and statistical analyses, which in turn helps management recruit the appropriate staff, enhance the conditions that contribute to their success, implement the required technology and constantly improve the quality of service.

In relation to customer service, the role of QlikView’s Bi system is to help management formulate the appropriate service parameters that fit the company’s nature and the nature of its customers, track their implementation and make effective changes when necessary.

דאשבורד עם מדדים לניתוח ה-HR
Dashboard with KPIs related to HR status

QlikView’s flexibility and sophistication allow management to:

  • Establish a system of external and internal organizational KPI’s for call centers, help desk centers and technical service
  • Constantly monitor parameter implementation


    Employee distribution analysis by gender, age, etc

  • Track call center customer request forecasts
  • Identify and improve service trends in real time (service level influence)
  • Analyze developing customer service trends
  • Implement quality assurance regarding customer service employees, based on an understanding of the causes that attribute to their success or failure
  • Direct resources to customer service departments, based on precise business insight
  • Measure inbound calls answer times (phone and email) and abandoned calls
  • Measure and direct service levels (call handling times, for both phone & email)
  • Create guidelines for First Call Resolution (FCR)
  • Measure transfer rates
  • More per requirement and request
ניתוח משאבי האנוש לפי גיל, מין וממדים נוספים
Employee distribution analysis by gender, age, etc

High-quality customer service is an effective customer satisfaction generator. As such, it is a crucial organizational revenue source and profit enhancer. QlikView’s state-of-the-art BI system, along with Greenhouse’s unique methodologies and guidance, will help your company effectively utilize customer service for better business.

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ניתוח Call Center – משמרות ומפעילים
Analysis of Call Center shifts and operators

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