Ever find yourself wondering what your organization’s expected profit is? How the financial statements will turn out? Where you are expected to lose or profit? Which units generate income, and which do not? Don’t settle for analysis in retrospect – use a BI system to influence and change your company’s fiscal reality.

It would not be an exaggeration to state that the finance department functions is the beating heart of any company. Much like the human heart, the finance department maintains a balance between organizational units and leverages resources when necessary. That said, the question remains: how can an organization make sure that crucial decisions are based on precise information? The answer: a BI system for finance management.

QlikView’s BI system allows authorized personnel to carry out budgetary control and analyze the organization’s financial aspects and cash flow from just about anywhere (the house, the office, the road) and anytime.

An effective implementation of the QlikView system allows:

  • quiry and examination of profit & loss trends, based on specific segmentation within organizational units
  • Insights and knowledge regarding assets and commitments
  • Follow-up of all financial transactions
  • Budgetary control for organizational units, based on varying parameters
  • Projections for profit & loss for all units and departments (including drill down)
  • Analysis of the organization’s cash flow in dynamic fashion, with the greatest attention to detail
  • Crosscheck of information between IT systems
  • Unification of financial data from subsidiary companies and various profit & loss units
  • Alert in cases of irregularities
  • Analysis and investigation of the General Ledger
  • Definition of KPI’s that will be used based on efficiency and optimization

QlikView’s flexible and easy-to-use interface provides finance departments with insights regarding:


  •  Company cash flow
  • Unit profitability
  • Accounting information
  • Projected profits and losses, in conjuncture with future objectives
  • And much more, based on specific requirements

Every growth-based management decision must rely on precise and up-to-date knowledge regarding all corporate financial parameters. It’s that simple. Together with Greenhouse’s QlikView implementation expertise, it can be even simpler, quicker and sharper.

דאשבורד עם מדדים לניתוח הרווח והפסד, מאזנים, נזילות ותזרים מזומנים
Dashboard with KPIs for P&L, Balance, Cash and Liquidity analysis
בקרה תקציבית – ניתוח של תקציב /בפועל, יתרות וניצול התקציב
Analysis of Budget vs. Actual, funds available and budget utilization for financial control
תחזית (משוקללת) הכנסות ביחס ליעדים לפי YQ עם ניתוח הזדמנויות
Expected (weighted) Revenue vs. Targets by YQ with opportunity analysis

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