Human Resource Management

Having a hard time figuring employee costs? Aren’t sure who your most effective employees are, and who should be up for promotion? Having more questions regarding your employees? If the answer is yes, then you need a BI system.

The leading companies are the ones who successfully recruit, cultivate and preserve their employees, while addressing changing organizational needs in the process. One of the keys to performance and motivation enhancement is employee satisfaction. In order to increase employee satisfaction, the leading companies provide their HR departments with a quality toolbox for satisfaction, performance and organizational loyalty management. And the best tools in the toolbox are the one labeled BI.

QlikView’s advanced BI system allows HR managers and directors to unify and crosscheck data from the organization’s IT systems and produce knowledge that helps generate smart decisions.

דאשבורד עם מדדים לניתוח ה-HR
Dashboard with KPIs related to HR status

An effective implementation of the QlikView system will allow management to:

  • Manage all necessary data regarding employee performance
  • Perform employee evaluation over a time axis
  • Measure employee effectiveness based on short and long-term paradigms
  • Match employee benefits with performance
  • Determine compensation KPI’s based on employee performance and/or profitability
  • Generate salary segmentation, analyze salary trends and establish a salary policy
  • Build a personal promotion routes
  • Examine workplace satisfaction levels
ניתוח משאבי האנוש לפי גיל, מין וממדים נוספים
Employee distribution analysis by gender, age, etc

QlikView’s focused and easy-to-use interface allows HR managers to rely on precise insights – both on office PC and mobile devices – regarding:

  •  Professional certifications of employee productivity, employee absences and work hours
  • Salary data
  • Additional aspects per requirement

The best way to recruit and maintain valuable employees is to identify them, get to know their work patterns, understand what they do best and what they require in order to successfully fulfill their positions. Greenhouse’s unique methodologies, coupled with QlikView’s advanced BI system, allows global and SMB organizations to move forward with the right team on board.

ניתוח המשכורות
Salary analysis

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