Production Floor Management

Is your department meeting the organization’s production objectives? Is the costing of the production coherent with your predictions? What are the optimal tools for production floor management, load planning, machine assignment and product waste analysis?

An organization that does everything right from a strategic, marketing and financial standpoint, yet fails inproduction management – is clearly not doing enough to succeed. That is why production managers in leading organizations equip themselves with optimal tools for production floor management.



A state-of-the-art BI system introduces precision and discipline to the dynamic and unpredictable world of production. An effective implementation of the QlikView system will allow production managers and top floor management to:

ניתוח של עומס מכונות (טונות) לפי קבוצות של Locking Power עם פילוג ל-YM
Analysis of Machines Load (tonnage) by Locking Power group of machines with YM breakdown
  • Effectively operate Production Planning & Control (PP&C)
  • Execute a “what if” simulation analysis of load forecasts versus new production requirements
  • Execute a “what if” simulation regarding changes in material costs, currency rates and other parameters
  • Optimize machine assignment and improve supply delivery
  • Analyze production costs
  • Execute an SPC (Statistical Process Control) analysis
  • Analyze standard versus actual production time
  • Analyze work orders
  • Analyze and improve quality assurance
  • Comply with customers and international standards
  • Map and analyze production status throughout the assembly line
  • Analyze and reduce product waste
  • Evaluate product cost and product costing
ניתוח ה-SPC של תוצאות של בדיקות מעבדה עבור קווי ייצור
SPC – statistical analysis of process control

Production management can be executed in a variety of ways. If your organization’s goals include efficiency, progress and profit, then QlikView’s advanced BI system, together with Greenhouse’s methodologies and professional services, are the perfect solution.

מעקב הייצור עם מיקום המוצר במרכזי עבודה, סימון לחומרים חסרים ותחזית איחורים
Follow up of product production by product location in Work Centers with “OTD”, “Missing Material” flag & drill down to prod. work order trees

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