Sales and Marketing Management

Want to control your volume turnover at any given time? Interested in knowing how profitable your company really is? Looking to define measurable marketing objectives? Start by integrating a quality BI system within your organization.

Companies wishing to increase their volume turnover must provide their sales and marketing managers with the best tools to get the job done. And the best tools are BI tools.

With the help of a quality BI system, CEO’s and senior staff can unify data from various IT systems and generate valuable knowledge for the benefit of the company’s sales and marketing objectives. The staff is able to conduct queries and dynamic analysis in the field of sales and marketing, while receiving sharp answers that form the basis for smart decision making and their implementation in the business field.

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 An effective implementation of the QlikView BI system will allow management to:

  • Comprehend current status in relation to sales objectives, at any given time
  • Follow-up decisions in real time
  • Crosscheck information from various periods and define future objectives
  • Plan sales strategy in smart fashion
  • Design annual marketing plans
  • Determine growth and success KPI’s for sales and marketing personnel
  • Rate products, clients, activity areas and companies
  • Unify information from subsidiaries, IT systems and separate profit & loss units

The system’s interface is adapted to fit the needs of the organization’s senior staff. The system supports informed decision-making and allows managers to analyze ERP data and unify it with data from other departments, as basis for completion of relevant action strategies.

QlikView’s easy-to-use interface equips sales and marketing managers with precise insights regarding:


  • Sale turnovers
  • Daily sales
  • Preferred investment areas
  • Marketing and sales objectives
  • Rolling forecasts
  • Aging of receivables
  • Adherence to supply deadlines
  • Expected profits from future business
  • The cost of products and services
  • Specific availability of organizational units (material planning, production, acquisitions and more)
  • Data from various organizational systems
  • Additional aspects per requirement

Profitable business is conducted by those who possess high level knowledge of relevant business parameters and proficiency in making quick decisions while facing changing organizational necessities. Greenhouse’s unique methodologies, coupled with QlikView’s BI system, help structure these traits into the DNA of sales and marketing departments worldwide.

Profitability and sales analysis (actual & estimated) versus past periods and work plan
GPM movements throw time periods (i.e. years) in relation to volume of sales by countries
Top/Bottom “N” sales and profit by several dimensions

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