Supply Chain & Acquisition Management

Are you in need of an effective inventory plan? Looking to optimize your supply chain and procurement? Interested in supplier segmentation based on varying quality measures? Our BI system will provide insights you never knew existed.

Logistics and procurement departments rely on smart planning. Within the past few years, BI systems have supplied breakthrough solutions regarding supply chain management, and have allowed organizations to crosscheck and unify data from various IT systems supporting production, procurement, inventory and more.

דאשבורד לניתוח מגמות וסטטוס של רמות מאלי, סבבי מלאי, זמני אספקה וייצור נדרשים
Dashboard to analyze stock levels, inventory turns, delivery & production lead times

An effective implementation of the QlikView system will allow supply chain and procurement managers to:

  • Manage and rate suppliers, based on varying quality measures: time to delivery, adherence to standards, requested supply amounts, material quality and more
  • Evaluate and manage obligations and commitments towards suppliers
  • Analyze suppliers’ delivery times
  • Meet time demands and other constraints regarding procurement and supply
  • Identify high quality suppliers and manage problematic ones
  • Identify cross-organizational procurement transactions for maximum business efficiency
  • Analyze supplier price trends, in accordance with acquisition volumes
  • Analyze inventory for maximum profitability
  • Improve inventory forecasting accuracy
  • Implement statistical analysis of inventory
  • Manage KPI quality measures for supply chain management
ניתוח ותחזיות של זמני ייצור ואספקה
Analysis and projections of Delivery and Production Lead Times

When it comes to large orders and projects, the logistics and procurement department plays a central role in keeping up with timetables and budget objectives. Greenhouse’s unique implementation methodologies, together with QlikView’s innovative BI system, helps logistic and acquisition departments utilize quality knowledge and meet objectives, for the benefit of the entire organization.

ניתוח זמני ייצור ביחס לזמני אספקה ללקוח
Analysis of Prod. Led Time in relation to customer OTD

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