About the Company

Based on 35 years of technological innovation, SCR’s revolutionary solutions provide smart dairy farms with for sustainable management, which includes advanced systems for cattle monitoring and cutting-edge milking solutions.

SCR provides farmers with vital analysis tools and data that improve cow production, thereby maximizing overall herd efficiency – as a basis for prosperity and economic stability.

SCR’s customer service teams provide product support within short response times, based on each client’s support plan.

The Challenge

SCR’s management provided Greenhouse with the challenge of establishing a system that unifies financial reports on a global scale, and which can conduct sales and profitability analysis and inquiry regarding all companies within the group.

The Solution

Greenhouse developed a modular QlikView-based BI system that:

1. Analyzes sales data and calculates sales cost and profitability, both on a global and company-unit level.

2. Provides vast budget, profit & loss report and organizational balance sheet inquiry and analysis capabilities.

To Sum Up

According to Shahar Shaked, Budget & Controlling Department Manager at SCR: “Greenhouse’s solution, which is based on a QlikView BI system, has allowed us to revolutionize the way we handle information and manage organizational knowledge, especially with regards to finance and marketing management. We have a tool that provided in-depth analysis regarding product profitability, and greatly contributes to improving and reducing the time it takes to analyze expenses and prepare profit & loss reports.”

Lilach (Miara) Avital, SCR’s IT Manager, adds: “After a less-than-successful attempt with a different vendor, we turned to Greenhouse, which stood up to the task of improving the organizational BI experience. Due to Greenhouse’s methodology and organized process, as well as its knowledge and expertise, we received a high-quality, stable and reliable system – despite extremely sophisticated logic. The success of the system’s implementation has greatly reduced the number of user calls to the IT unit, who ask for help with data analysis. It is clear that users are benefiting from the system, and I thank Greenhouse for that.”

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