Why Qlik Sense?

Qlik Sense is a next-generation product developed by Qlik, which helps managers organize, display and analyze their data in clear, concise fashion, based on their evolving needs.

Qlik Sense is innovative, responsive and accessible. Managers throughout all organizational tiers can rely on Qlik Sense’s advanced Self-Service BI capabilities to present and translate business insights into actions that move the organization forward

Qlik Sense drives employees to initiate and succeed. The solution’s advanced display and collaboration features allow users to analyze, create and share anytime and anywhere. This data enhances the decision-making process, and encourages the organization’s employees to base their actions on smart and transparent information.


Qlik Sense’s Innovative Technology

At the core of Qlik Sense is QIX – a patented associative engine developed by Qlik. Qlik Sense’s inherent associative capabilities allow users to analyze data without limitations, restrictions or hierarchies derived from predefined queries. This is what freedom of inquiry feels like.

Qlik Sense also allows users to conduct Governed Self Service, which helps them create dashboards and generate a wide range of business insights. Users with the appropriate authorizations can share their dashboards with other users throughout the organization. This process is called Secure Collaboration.


What Else Can Qlik Sense Do?


Qlik Sense uses multi-layer technology to display layered maps. This technology is available for immediate use, and does not require additional development or special customizations.

Augmented Intelligence

Qlik Sense’s AI technology supports automatic processes and Natural Language Processing (NLP). This AI empowers users throughout the entire inquiry process – from dashboard establishment and data analysis, to significant insight delivery.

Embedded Analytics

Knowledge sharing is important to leading organizations. Qlik Sense helps users receive and integrate data from a variety of sources, and generate meaningful insights. A vast API toolbox allows users to use the organization’s systems, platform and technologies to showcase their insights.

Extensions Library

Qlik Sense includes an extended library of Extensions/Additions that can come in handy on customized analytics scenarios in accordance with the organization’s needs.

Qlik Sense Demo


Qlik Sense and Greenhouse – A Winning Combination

The key to successful BI implementation is the personnel involved. Greenhouse’s professional team has vast experience in providing IT and BI solutions that blend naturally within organizational IT units. The team relies on a professional organizational culture and a commitment to service based on a thorough understanding of business needs and objectives.

Our partnership with Qlik Israel – allows us to provide our clients with IT and BI solutions that have true added value. Qlik Sense’s virtually endless flexibility, coupled with Greenhouse’s unique implementation methodologies, form an optimal foundation for cross-market, multi-scenario BI solutions. We’ll be happy to customize a solution for your organization, as well.

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