Why Qlik Sense?

Qlik Sense is a new and cutting-edge self-service data visualization and discovery product developed by Qlik, which helps managers organize and present their data in clear, concise fashion, based on their evolving needs. Qlik Sense’s next-generation Self-BI helps make the advantages of BI more accessible to business users and create shared business communities.

Qlik has recently introduced a revolutionary new BI product named Qlik Sense, which includes advanced sharing and presentation features. QlikSense complements QlikView, Qlik’s advanced BI system, in ideal fashion. Together, both products create a holistic, breakthrough BI solution for multi-sector organizations.

At Greenhouse, we specialize in implementing a tailor-made BI solution for each of our clients, based on QlikView’s super BI strengths, QlikSense’s fast and powerful Self-BI and our unique methodologies. We’ll be happy to tailor a full-scale solution for you, as well.


Qlik Sense includes:

  • Three advanced platforms: Qlik Sense Desktop – a development platform that allows users to create and share information diagrams, personalized screens, reports and analysis. Qlik Sense Server – a commercial platform that allows users to share objects and models, as well as manage authorizations. Qlik Sense Cloud – cloud-based Self-BI and organizational BI.
  • QIX Engine: An advanced search and index engine, which significantly increases performance levels.
  • Storytelling: BI’s “social business network”, which allows users to share insights, analysis and conclusions with other QlikSense users.
  • The world’s most advanced visualization: Visualization and other features, including full responsiveness for PC, Tablet and Smartphone.
  • Maps: Map presentation technology for immediate use, with zero development or customization.
  • A wide library of extensions, images and objects, as a basis for advanced and effective personalized presentations.

A fast engine, three advanced platforms and self-development and sharing features never seen before. This is how QlikSense helps managers present and share business insights. At Greenhouse, we deliver a full-BI QlikView-based solution, which now also includes the smart and innovative features of QlikSense.

Qlik press release regarding Qlik Sense lauch

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