Why QlikView?

QlikView Solutions – Cost Effeciency, Quick Implementation & Fantastic ROI

QlikView is one of the most advanced Business Intelligence systems in the world, and is at the forefront of Self BI, In-Memory Business Discovery and Natural Analytics technologies.

What makes QlikView such a popular, high-ROI Business Intelligence solution?

  • Implementation speed: you can choose between quick, gradual or comprehensive implementation
  • Gradual implementation, starting with specific departments and culminating in a full integral solution, based on current and future organizational needs
  • Optimal suitability: from SMB companies to global organizations within all market sectors
  • Economical operational / maintenance costs, including adaptability to organizations’ changing needs (easy content expansion, interface and information source change and addition, simple ETL implementation)
  • UX – enhanced user experience: a simple operating system that provides clear answers to various inquiries
  • Self BI capabilities, allowing users to tailor-design their screens
  • Full Mobile compatibility, including all tablets and smartphones
  • Social capabilities: the ability to share work screens with colleagues and business partners in real time, even if the latter do not own QlikView
  • Business Discovery: the ability to include information that promotes business performance, enhances revenue, exposes new markets and provides business insights that fit a wide range of decisions
  • Natural Analytics: system-generated business insights that track managers’ needs and thinking patterns
  • Hybrid BI: Unique In-Memory technology that allows, among other things, to conduct an associative search and data extraction and presentation via direct database inquiries (Direct Discovery), without hierarchies, data normalization and/or cubes.

QlikView and Greenhouse – a winning combination

The key to successful BI implementation lies in the hands that carry out the implementing. Greenhouse’s professional team has vast experience in providing IT and BI solutions that blend naturally within organizational IT units. The team relies on a professional organizational culture and a commitment to service based on a thorough understanding of business needs and objectives.

The partnership with QlikView Israel, QlikView’s global manufacturer partner, allows Greenhouse to provide its clients with true added value BI solutions. QlikView’s almost endless flexibility, coupled with Greenhouse’s unique implementation methodologies, form an optimal foundation for cross-market, multi-scenario BI solutions.

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